Redesign of the platform, which offers tools and resources to help to invest your savings more sustainably.
2° Investing Initiative
UI & UX Product Design

Project goal

The goal of this project was to redesign an existing platform to achieve a more usable interface and more pleasant and modern look and feel.

There is a whole range of sustainability issues and then again several strategies on how to take them into account. Therefore, it is important that you know your products well and can ensure that they are really in line with your values. MyFairMoney aims to help with exactly that.

The main challenge was to create an appealing design without major changes of the existing information architecture of the fund database page.

Design process

In the first step, I conducted an expert review of the current implementation. In the review, I applied usability heuristics to identify the main problems of the current implementation. I gathered the issues and communicated them to the stakeholders. Most of the problems were caused by inconsistency of the interface components and interactions.

The main challenge was the amount of information. It was important to display different aspects and layers of sustainability, such as alignment with recognized climate scenarios, openness to dialogue with investors and ESG (environmental, social and governance) ratings and labels. I identified improvements in the information architecture, which could be implemented with a small effort and lead to fewer clicks and more focus on the most important information. In such a way, the above-the fold area of the landing page could be optimized and the filter got slimmer structure.

The second step was to define the style system for colours and typefaces. The goals of the design system were to:

  • increase affordance of the interactive components,
  • distinguish between different states
  • establish consistency.


Before the implementation, it was important to prepare the handover and to document the style system. After I communicated the style system and screen design to developers, The redesign was implemented. You can access the platform here.

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