Designer's little helpers


In this post, I share appreciation for the Figma plugins I used and liked the most this year.

As the holiday season approached very quickly, I decided to end this year with some appreciation to my favourite plugins I used and liked the most this year. Relevant and handsome tools can make your working process much more pleasant and efficient. Luckily, in Figma you can find lots of useful plugins which make you much faster and allows visualizing your ideas better.


This first wonderful plugin I found is Aninix - a tool to create great animations and prototypes. As a designer, I do not only make designs but also create animations, interactive prototypes and demo videos. In the editor, you can create great animations using lots of presets, export your animations in a lot of formats like . lottie or .json or handoff your animations to developers. What I like the most is a 2-way Figma synchronization and very simple and usable interface. Big like and respect to developers and a great community of this product.

Beautiful Shadows

A great and handy tool to create and experiment with shadows. Very intuitive and simple interface to create consistency and purposefully create moods and vibes with shadows. Just follow the sun :-)

Font Replacer

For a long time, I was looking for a way to quickly replace fonts. Until I found this wonderful tool. Experimenting and changing fonts, quickly iterating, has never been easier. It indicates every font in your frame and you can accurately replace them.

Visual contrast

There are a lot of plugins showing colour contrast, so sometimes choosing the right tool is not easy. I am a big fan of APCA algorithm, as it allows analysing the contrast with much more context regarding font weight and size and other factors. I even wrote about it in my platform All Inclusive Design. So, I was very excited when I found a plugin which uses this algorithm to analyse the contrast. Visual Contrast: Everything Clearly with APCA even proposes the colours to suit certain font sizes and your requirements. Very useful and handy.

Thanks a lot to the developers and creators of these plugins. Hope to tell more about my favourite tools and finding also next year. Wishing everyone nice ending of the year and great holidays.