Art Design and Everything Inbetween


In this post, I tell about my experience of doing an art installation and what I learned from this.

Designers are often thought of as problem solvers. We are supposed to be pragmatic, solution-oriented and practical. If you work in IT, a part of your job is highly technical and precise.

After the course "Coding for the Arts" in the University of the Arts in Zurich, I obtained yet another view on design and its aspects. I discovered the creative side of code and the beauty of generative art. I got interested in digital art and art installations. Furthermore, I had an opportunity to display my installation during Designathon 23.

In my installation was called "expelled routes", I used both an interactive installation using camera which recognized the faces of the visitors and a physical part in which I displayed personal items I could transport from my home city. It was fascinating, not only step out of the digital space, but also to combine physical objects with the digital projection. It was important to fill up the room and to place the objects, so that they interact with each other. The interactive installation had good reactions and was received positively.

An interesting part was an artist talk, where I could elaborate on my project and the ideas behind it. For me, it is always the hardest part of discussing and talking about your project. Especially for the more abstract and conceptual works, it is important to know about the background the story behind the artwork.

In general, I really love to seek inspiration in other areas rather than design. It is important to broaden the horizon and connect with other artists and creators.